How to make mistakes

Over 10 years into an entrepreneurial journey, if someone asked me what a mistake was, this would my answer: ‘if you write a document and spell something wrong or send the wrong invoice to a client but most importantly if you don’t take action’.

A mistake to me is something practical that can be avoided (by spellcheck or an online accounting system), or it’s missing an opportunity. I never, ever think that any of the ideas we have or the work we pitch will be a mistake. When I stop to think why, I realize it’s because I believe in the values of our business (honesty, proactivity, positivity, collaboration, integrity, leadership, responsibility), and I believe in the mission we have (to create a sustainable event industry).

So I don’t believe any actions taken with a mission to have a positive impact and good values is ever a mistake.

Audio EpisodeKaty Carlisle