How to build a team

An entrepreneur without a team is a busy person trying to earn a living. During the first week I employed someone I woke up at 3am nightly with the same alarming thought – ‘how do I definitely know I will be able to afford someone’s wage?’. On the 4th night I had a serious conversation with myself that went something like this:

‘Fiona, you will be running a business for the rest of your life, waking up nightly with this concern won’t help trust yourself’.

From that moment I did, and there has always been income to pay my staff. That doesn’t happen by magic, it’s because I got into a routine of checking, managing, planning, and sometimes I will admit it – obsessing over my cashflow and business opportunities.

Employing someone just means needing a bigger cashflow which means asking more potential clients for budget. It also means having resource to deliver more to deserve more budget, and that’s the route to growth I’ve experienced.

Audio EpisodeKaty Carlisle