How much should you ask for?

I regularly ask myself to play a game of ‘let’s hear 5 ‘no’s in the next 24 hours’. Spoiler alert: this is a really hard game to win. The last time I played it, I ended up with an unexpected business class flight upgrade, a free replenishment of my favourite shampoo and a new work project with a healthier than projected budget. With those results it’s a wonder I don’t play the ‘no game’ daily, but I don’t. instead, I tend to forget all about this game until I’m feeling stuck, and then I remember I’m probably not asking for anything new – just taking what I can get.

What is an entrepreneur if not a person courageous enough to ask? Entrepreneurs have the big bold visions that will make a positive impact on the world, but they aren’t one person superheroes. It isn’t the job of an entrepreneur to do it all themselves (although that’s a common mistake many fall into!). Instead, an entrepreneur is a person courageous enough to ask others to support their vision, buy their service/product, try their innovative approach.

Could the definition of an entrepreneur be the person who asks for something and is happy to hear no?

Audio EpisodeKaty Carlisle