How big should you be thinking?

The best piece of advice I was ever given was when I started by business and someone said ‘you are going to be working really hard so make sure you are creating exactly what you want’.

I think about this advice every time I get a new client, every time I meet someone I think could be a future client, and every time we innovate on our products and services. I question myself about if this new client or innovation will keep me on the path I’m passionate about creating.

Back in the early days when my income came from part-time jobs I did on the side rather than my own business, someone offered me a piece of work which paid well but wasn’t aligned with the sustainability focus that has been the core of my business values since day 1. It seems crazy to write this now but I almost took that piece of work. I almost let the need for money overrule my big, audacious dream of a business inspiring sustainability in the world. I almost forgot my bold vision and settled for money to live on.

Of course entrepreneurs need money (we don’t live on air), but the mistake I almost made was thinking it was either money or achieving big dreams. When really, the definition of an entrepreneur could be both having money and living your purpose.

Audio EpisodeKaty Carlisle