How do I make this a job?

I once had an intern who told me he wanted to get a job working in finance and volunteer making a difference on the side.

It made me sad that he couldn’t imagine a future where making a difference gave him the same amount of money and social acceptance as a job in finance.

The Wikipedia definition of a job is a paid position of regular employment. Instead of looking for someone to employ me to make the difference I want to make in the world, I’ve got into the habit of looking for people to pay me to make the difference I want to make in the world. Understanding that most people WANT the difference I want to make was a game-changing moment for me. As soon as I realised people want an event industry which is good for the environment and community but were employed by people to focus on something else, I realized I had a service to offer. My service was being in action to make a difference. I wish the intern could have realized the difference he wanted to make was valuable to people. Instead, his future may be paying someone else to make the difference for him.

Katy Carlisle